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 Dog Parvo virus Symptoms in ( 2024)

Today our topic of discussion is the deadly disease parvovirus (dog parvovirus symptoms).

Most dogs in the world are death for rabies, distemper, and parvo

So please stay with us till the end.

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it has been reported that nearly two thousand dogs have been infected with the deadly parvovirus in a province of India. According to government data, parvovirus is spreading in 20 dogs every day. According to Wayasa, an NGO working for their protection, 17 dogs die of this virus in a month. Because many dog owners put their beloved dogs down forever

This parvovirus is a terrible disease for dogs, especially dogs of 6-8 months are most affected by this disease, if not treated at the right time, parvovirus can be fatal, so it is very important to know the initial symptoms of this virus.

Canine parvovirus is a single-stranded DNA virus, this virus is spread in water, soil (this virus is so strong that it can live in soil for up to a year) and air, this virus attacks two main organs in the dog’s body.

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Intestine and heart.

Symptoms of parvovirus infection

Intestine attack, loss of appetite, foul-smelling diarrhea, and blood in the stool, the body becomes very dehydrated.

and loss of energy leading to severe weakness, lethargy throughout the day, and red eyes (canine fever can sometimes occur) If your dog shows these symptoms, consult a vet immediately,

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Body temperature sometimes becomes 104-105°F and sometimes 96-98°F (normal temperature 102 F)

Vaccinate your dog regularly to protect against parvovirus

The first dose of the vaccine is given 45 days after birth, and the second dose is given 20-21 days after the first dose.

If you can’t give your dog these two doses, avoid taking your puppy outdoors.

Parvo usually affects dogs 6 weeks to 6 months of age, but older dogs can also develop if they are immunocompromised.

If not treated on time, the dog will die due to a heart attack or cardiac arrest

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Dear reader, let’s see how parvo spreads

1, Parvovirus is transmitted from dogs infected with parvovirus to other dogs

2, the parvo virus can be transmitted from the feces of other dogs (so it is not appropriate to keep the feces of an infected dog in a place where it can infect another dog).

3, parvovirus can also be from water, soil, or air.

4. If a person touches a dog with parvovirus and then touches another healthy dog, then that dog gets parvovirus.

(If we ever come into contact with a dog infected with the virus, we should thoroughly wash our hands and feet and approach our own dog with a change of clothes.)

How to treat if your beloved dog is infected with parvovirus

Dogs with parvovirus should be continued with saline twice daily, antibiotics,  and antiemetics for 5-7 days. Saline can be stopped once the dog starts eating on its own.

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