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    Dog Diseases Skin(2024)

Your dog can’t talk

So how do you understand if the body is bad?

dog fever treatment at home

I will talk about some tips( dog diseases skin ) which will help you to understand easily if your beloved dog has any disease

They can’t speak well but convey everything with gestures

Like people, you will understand their sorrows and pains, laughter and joy. If you extend your hand of sympathy to them a little

All they want is a little love, and a little food to sustain themselves

Let’s first learn how to understand dog diseases by looking at different parts of the dog’s body

how to take care of a puppy

the eyes

The under-eye area is usually red- or pink

But if you ever see that it has become pale, then you will understand that your dog has the disease. If the eyes are very red, then it is a sign of illness, allergy cataracts can be understood from the eyes.

the ears

Ears should be cleaned regularly. Because the dog’s skin infection spreads from this ear, if there is an allergy or skin infection, the dog’s ear becomes red. If jaundice is yellow in color, be careful not to get water inside the ear while taking a bath.

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the paw

A very sensitive part of the dog’s body. The dog feels cold or hot from this paw, from the ground, bacteria, and viruses from the paw, and from there can be a terrible disease. Excessive stiffness of the paws is a sign of distemper

the nose

Normally the lower part of the nose is wet, but it becomes dry in case of fever or any other illness


If you look at the dog’s lower stomach, you will see that it will be red in case of allergies and yellow in case of jaundice.

If you put your hand on the right part of the front leg, you can hear the dog’s heartbeat

 Understandably, remember that the heartbeat of an adult dog is 60-140 per minute

And the heartbeat of small dogs is 100-140 per minute

what foods can dogs not eat?

There are other signs that can indicate a dog’s illness.

1, When the body is bad, the dog usually stops eating. If you see that your dog has not eaten anything all day, consult a veterinarian without delay.

2. There is nothing to fear if your dog has a sore throat or dry cough for a day or two, but if you see your dog having such a dry cough for more than a week, consult a doctor immediately, it is a sign of a warm heart.

3 If the dog vomits more than once, consult a doctor.

4, if you see that your dog is not eating and is sitting with its back in the water or in a cold place, but it is a sign of stomach infection, look at the stool.

5. Stool- If the urine is yellow, it should be understood that the dog is not well

6. If you suddenly lose a lot of weight, consult a veterinarian.

7, if it becomes dull and does not caress you with its tongue, remember that is also a sign of illness.

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dog fever treatment at home

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what foods can dogs not eat?

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