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how to take care of a puppy

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Puppies are usually weaned from their mother after 37-40 days.

Then we face many problems in that regard

What do we feed the puppy? , should be vaccinated?

Dear readers, today we will discuss something with you about how to take care of a puppy

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Best 7 food for puppies

1. Boil chicken without bones

2. Rice with light turmeric powder

3, boiled sweet potato

4, boiled ripe pumpkin

(Sweet potatoes or ripe oranges contain a lot of natural sugar.

what foods can dogs not eat?

Sugar is a source of high energy since the puppy is forbidden to eat sugar or sweets so these two vegetables should be fed, it reduces the lack of sugar in the puppy’s body.

5, homemade chickpeas

6, homemade sour yogurt

7, boiled eggs

Feed the puppy frequently with water and mix glucose with it

Feed 5-6 times a day and according to his body size

  For example

if your puppy weighs 500 grams, he should be given 20-25 grams of food every time

Then you can give dry food or cere-lucks at that time

From the age of 70 days, gradually continue to give normal food

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4 formats to feed your puppy

1, liquid (up to 40 days liquid formats should be given food)

2, semi-liquid (semi-liquid up to 41-90 days)

3, semi-solid (semi-solid up to 91-365 days)

4, solid (solid food should be given after 1 year)

Rules for feeding puppies chickpeas, sour curd, and boiled eggs

  Chickpeas, sour yogurt 

 liquid formats chickpeas, sour yogurt 1 tablespoon (egg 1/4th)

  semi-liquid chickpeas, sour curd 2 tablespoons (egg 1 part 1/2)

  semi-solid chickpeas, sour curd 2-4 tablespoons (1 back egg)

Solid chick, sour curd 50gm-100gm (2 eggs should be given daily)

But keep in mind that if your puppy is a small breed then you should halve the amount of chickpeas, sour curd, and boiled egg.

And if the puppy is of a large breed, then chickpeas, sour curd, and boiled eggs should be doubled in that case (a little less or more will not be a problem).

  After 3 years, chickpeas, sour curd, and boiled eggs are not given daily, but in unbearable heat, sour curd, eggs, and chickpeas must be given daily to break the monotony of food.

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Feed supplement

Multi-vitamins & calcium should be fed for up to 6 months

And after 6 months a Multi-vitamins & calcium every 4-6 months to ensure your puppy’s health

Its file should be fed

 This medicine for puppies is available in liquid formats

 Multi-vitamins & calcium feeding rules

Mixing it with puppy food will do

Dear readers, if you follow the Best 7 foods for puppies that we talked about, your puppy will never lack vitamins.

best dogs for cold weather

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