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best dogs for cold weather

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Dogs with less fur feel colder than others. So you have to take a little more care of your beloved dog during winter. Today we will discuss the most important things to take care of your dog during winter.

Cold Tolerance

The first thing you need to know is what breed your dog is. Some dogs have extra fur which helps them fight against cold weather. Some breeds of dogs have very little hair, making it difficult for them to adapt to cold weather. So those dogs need a lot of special care

Comfortable bed

The bed should be placed in a place that feels warm and less cold. Remember that the bed that you will let the dog sleep in during the cold is made of xeno cotton or microfiber. That bed should not be xeno nylon or polyester because these fabrics can be bad for him. Do not allow your dog to sit on the floor or tiles. If outside, make a separate small house for him, so that he does not suffer from the cold.

dog beds & furniture

Warm Clothes

Sometimes the dog needs to shed clothes or sweaters. Remember that your dog’s sweaters are not too tight. Sweaters are sized for him.

Avoid Giving too much food

Remember that dogs need warmth in the winter, but that comes from their fur, not from the dog’s body fat.

In winter, laziness occurs in dogs. Performance decreases. For that reason, the dog’s body needs fewer calories, so food or dog food should be fed so that less fat accumulates in its body.

what foods can dogs not eat?

Zeno helps to grow moderate body hair and gives good energy.

Never give too much food during tanda. Give a little food 3-4 times without giving too much food at one time.

Drink enough water

In winter like summer, the dog’s body loses water very quickly, so there is always a moderate amount of water to be supplied. Always change the drinking water, pets like us also feel less thirsty in winter. And the main reason for this is that the water in winter is much more than usual. Because it is cold, the dog loses interest in drinking water.

For that, the water should be changed 3-4 times at a low temperature

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Protect from burns

Sometimes dogs want to sleep around a hot engine for warmth, this can cause accidents and even burns, so be careful to keep away from fire.

  Keep away from room heaters

If your dog is a prodigy, ensure no room heaters, fireplaces, or other hot objects are placed in the dog’s path. Pets can get close to them and set themselves on fire.

, the dog must be taken care of

In winter, your pet should be bathed occasionally with mild warm water and must be wiped well, besides taking special care of the feet, different types of harnesses should be used for the feet.

Take a walk outside

When the weather warms up, take your dog outside for a little walk, avoid going out in the afternoon when it starts to get cold and play outside with the dog when the sun is shining, the vitamins in sunlight are important for both you and your dog. Full. Exercise your dog regularly indoors to prevent excess fat accumulation.

Do not forget to clean his feet after walking from the road and field.

Allergies problems

Many times dog allergies occur in winter. To prevent the problem of allergies, it is better to go outside as little as possible. Remember to clean the leg properly.

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Grooming Regularly

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog’s daily grooming in winter, stop grooming their fur in winter, and avoid taking them outside right after a bath, you should wait until the fur is dry.

Necessary treatment and vaccination should be given

Dogs should be vaccinated before winter arrives to prevent disease, and if fever and cough occur, take them to the nearest vet as soon as possible.

Dear reader, we are definitely with you in protecting the health of your beloved pet

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