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what foods can dogs not eat?

Like my beloved dog, many of you have dogs, and you never expect your beloved dog to be sick for a while, so you have to be very careful about his food, shelter, and health. Maybe. You need to know which foods can be dangerous for your dog.

Let’s take a look at what foods can dogs not eat. Or foods that you should not feed your dog at all

1. Onion and garlic

Eating onions and garlic can cause anemia in dogs.

2. Fatty foods

Can cause pancreatitis

3. chocolate

Vomiting, stomach problems, irregular heartbeat, seizures, and even death can occur

4. Tea or coffee

  Consuming tea or coffee can cause vomiting, stomach problems, irregular heartbeat, seizures and even death

5. grapefruit

  If you eat a little more, there is a possibility of kidney failure.

6. Milk or milk-like foods

Dogs lack the enzyme to break down lactose, resulting in difficulty digesting milk or milk-like foods, which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

7. raw fish meat

Eating raw fish meat causes food poisoning and tooth decay in dogs.

8. tomato

  Feeding tomatoes to dogs causes gastrointestinal irritation, weakness, and ataxia.

9. alcohol

Vomiting can cause stomach problems and death

10. salt

Eating salt can cause sodium poisoning in dogs

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Healthy foods for dogs

  List of healthy foods for your beloved dog

Good quality dry food or canned food according to the dog’s age and weight

You can eat. This processed food has the right amount of nutrition. Dog food of different brands and different flavors is available in the market and in various online shops. Dear readers, we have brought you some healthy foods for dogs.

Natural foods

You can give meat (beef, chicken, lamb, etc.), eggs, bones and vegetables.

Sometimes you can eat small amounts of boiled vegetables such as pumpkin, carrot, broccoli, sweet potato etc.

You can feed raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber capsicum, and corn to the dog

  Egg food or boiled eggs two to three times a week will help meet the dog’s protein needs.

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If the dog has any problems with his teeth or gums, do not let him eat bones. Bones can cause various diseases of gums and teeth. Eating too many bones can cause constipation and the bone should be large enough to avoid spitting the whole bone in the mouth.

Cooked meat (without spices, onion, or garlic) can be mixed with rice or pasta.

Feed the dog occasional grass that acts as a substitute for vegetables and aids in digestion

The amount of food depends on the dog’s size, breed, age, weight, exercise, etc., but it should be noted that excess food or very little food cannot be fed.

Dogs must always be given clean water to drink

Adult dogs should be fed at least twice a day

  If you face any problem talk to a doctor for proper advice. thank you

1,Health Extension Gently Air Dried Salmon Recipe

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3,Remy’s Kitchen SuperfoodPLUS Meal Mixers for Dogs

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  • Goats Milk: Packed with prebiotics, amino acids and selenium
  • Bone Broth: Loaded with collagen to support connective tissue, skin, and coat
  • Live Cultures: Supports a healthy gut and immune system with live probiotics
  • Anti-oxidants: Cranberries and Blueberries are rich in polyphenols that reduce cell damage from oxidation
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4,Whole Life Pet Human Grade Meal Mixer 

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